To meet each customer’s specific needs, we offer a total service that goes from designing and developing the product through to final packaging, ensuring optimum storage of the foodstuff at all times.

Our pack options:

>> DRINKS: 200 ml brik and 1000 ml brik.
>> STOCKS AND SOUPS: 500 ml brik and 1000 ml brik.
>> COOKING SAUCES: 200 ml brik
>> NUT CREAMS: 300 g glass jar.
>> NUTS: 200 g bag, 400 g bag and 1000 g bag. Other formats.

Product personalisation

Our Marketing department, in close cooperation with the Quality department, offers guidance on packaging design and product personalisation. As well as advice on labelling and food legislation.

The constantly-evolving market forces us to take into account legislation concerning product labelling and nutritional information, as well as health benefits. Today the European Union regulates specific labelling in terms of statements about nutrition and health properties in order to ensure truthful, proven information.