Costa and new market needs

Adapting to changing times and familiarity with the market and consumers are what enable us to work on launching new products with high added value for our customers. Costa has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the food industry working to develop new products based on natural, organic plant ingredients. Costa’s goal is to meet consumer needs in the best way possible and this is why we pay special attention to using innovative ingredients such as super-foods to develop our products.

The profile of consumer who takes special care over their diet and seeks healthy food that is good for them is on the rise. Our aim is to meet the needs of the market with the best possible response: quality products in line with market demand.


Costa has a wide range of products in order to meet the specific needs of each sector. Like this we can offer our customers an extensive range of items:

>> Cereal-based plant drinks
>> Stocks and soups
>> Nut creams
>> Cooking sauces, etc.