The Mini Pop Festival is here!

Three days of family fun full of activities, art, cinema, circus and good live music. The Mini Pop Festival is celebrated next May 31, June 1 and 2; and it is the indispensable appointment of this spring to share experiences between big and small. In Costa Eco we will participate with a workshop of the most original and ecological games, because we will use recycled bricks of our drinks and [...]

Are you a caravanning enthusiast who loves tiger nut milk?

Then we have the perfect event for you. Join us from 14 to 16 February, at Caravaning Alicante, the provincial caravanning show featuring the sector's latest trends. Costa will be there with El Camping y su Mundo magazine. You can taste our tiger nut milk at their stand while you take a look at the sector's most important magazine. As well as trying our tiger nut milk, you could be [...]

It’s time to say goodbye to our Lemon Tiger Nut Milk

Next season will be the last for our Lemon Tiger Nut Milk. We will no longer be making it. So here goes... Bye, bye, Canary! But Costa goes on, with the rest of our range of tiger nut milks: UHT Tiger Nut Milk, Condensed Tiger Nut Milk and 33 kcal Tiger Nut Drink. The quality of Costa drinks is borne out by our experience. Makers of tiger nut milk since [...]

Costa with the Gran Recapte food drive

This month the 4 Catalan Food Banks have organised a food drive. The aim is to raise public awareness of the poverty which is rife in Spain. Costa constantly supports the Food Bank and is making a donation on this occasion too. We will be donating 4,320 litres of our Lemon Tiger Nut Milk to the cause. Our donation will be distributed amongst the Food Banks of: Tarragona, Valencia and [...]

We’re saying goodbye to summer with one last promo

We've been very active in the social media this summer. We have organised competitions for our consumers, and tiger nut milk lovers had the chance to take home a cool box and a carton of Costa tiger nut milk. It was a complete success. So we decided to call it a day. Summer ends in September, but a nice glass of tiger nut milk goes down a treat any time. [...]

Enjoy the real tiger nut milk this summer

Summer is hot, the beach is full. The seagull's on the wing, the kids are building sand castles, and others are cooling off with tiger nut milk. Right? Oh yeah. This summer with a litre of condensed tiger nut milk you can make 5 litres. Invite your friends, share it and take it anywhere—it's so easy! Just one carton of Costa Condensed Tiger Nut Milk, and in no time you [...]

1 + 4 = 5 litres of the best tiger nut milk

Want to enjoy the best tiger nut milk without running out? Costa has something new for you. We thought about those of you who, when the weather starts getting warmer, like to plan your holidays and head off to enjoy the sun. So this summer take our new 1-litre carton of Condensed Tiger Nut Milk with you and turn it into 5 litres of refreshing tiger nut milk! Because now there's [...]

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