Aubergines with vegetables and couscous

There aren't many days left before Christmas and, if you wanted to try something different for starters, take a look at what Orielo’s Kitchen Lactose-Free Recipes have prepared for you. The aromas of the mint, the cumin and the lemon will give an Arabic touch to your table with this recipe for aubergines with vegetables and couscous. Offer all your guests this healthy, balanced dish, suitable for lactose-intolerant people and [...]

Pork loin with cava and grapes

If you've never tried cooking with cava, this recipe is going to leave you open-mouthed. Because as well as the cava, Orielo’s Kitchen Lactose-Free Recipes has chosen some de luxe ingredients to make a dish that's typical of this time of year. A main course to make an impression, so that your guests are sure to want seconds. Have a little more bread than usual handy, because they're sure to [...]

Chocolate pudding with no dairy products

Is there a more spectacular way to finish of a Christmas dinner than a chocolate pudding? Yet again, Juanjo of Orielo’s Kitchen Lactose-Free Recipes shows that being intolerant to milk protein doesn't mean food has to be boring and tasteless. All chocolate lovers will love this pudding and want more, whether they're lactose-intolerant or not. To make this recipe Juanjo used our Rice Drink with Cocoa, among other top-quality ingredients. [...]

Apple croquettes with gorgonzola

Who can resist a nice plate of croquettes? Croquettes are great – they’re tasty, they’re versatile and, if you make them at home, you can prepare large quantities for freezing and always have them handy. […]

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