Oat Rice Pudding

Chef Orielo has sent us his first recipe…  He’s made us a rice pudding, but without milk. That’s right, without milk.  As you know, all the Chef’s recipes are lactose-free.  This time he’s used Organic Oat Drink. The result is at least as good, as the oats give this recipe a creamier texture. Rice pudding is a traditional dessert made in many cultures. It’s very easy to prepare and the [...]


Here’s a new recipe from Chef Orielo, ideal for this time of year, when the heat is beginning to make itself felt and you fancy cold dishes, salads and the like. Juanjo, Chef Orielo, surprises us with a light, fresh and healthy tabouleh. Tabouleh is a Lebanese salad based on bulgur or couscous. Couscous consists of granules of durum wheat that originated in northern Algeria and Morocco. It is prepared by pouring water [...]

Núria’s “Healthy Cake”

We came across this recipe in the blog Soy como como, which we liked, and we want to share it with all of you. It’s the traditional sponge cake we all know and love, but varying the ingredients to use natural, wholemeal ones and make it a little healthier. Replace the white sugar with brown, the white flour with a mixture of wholemeal ones (as Núria says, to avoid refined [...]

Roast Chicken Asaíllo in Wine with Potatoes

Juanjo, our friend who’s the chef for Orielo's Kitchen lactose-free recipes surprises us yet again with another delicious recipe. A  roast chicken Asaíllo in wine with potatoes, a recipe from his grandmother, based on chicken - if it’s free-range, all the better: it’s tastier. Chicken is a highly versatile ingredient that goes with a wide variety of things. Juanjo used fresh vegetables - including potatoes, tomatoes and peppers - and [...]

Horchata over Strawberry Ice Slush

Eliana, from the recipe blog Mi diario natural, was one of the tasters of our Organic Tiger Nut Horchata at the TV BIO Tasters’ Club. She used the packs she received to prepare a fantastic recipe that we liked because it’s fresh and simple, and that we’d like to share with all of you. Here it is! An horchata over strawberry ice slush For the strawberry ice slush you need: -Strawberries -Walnuts [...]

Horchata and Fruit Ice Lollies

Chef Orielo's hasn’t forgotten about us and, with our Organic Tiger Nut Horchata in mind , he’s prepared these horchata and seasonal fruit ice lollies. An original idea, quick and easy and, most importantly, lactose-free and low-calorie. What more can you ask? This is the recipe. Here’s a link to a video, too.   Ingredients: -300 ml Costa Eco Tiger Nut Horchata -100 ml. plant-based cream (Rice Cuisine) -1 spoonful [...]

Chocolate Pancakes

The weekend is nearly here, and we suggest that you try making some pancakes for breakfast. Mmm… but not ordinary pancakes, no… chocolate ones. Finish off, buy or use our new Rice Drink with Cocoa and you’ll see how delicious they are. A month ago, we published a recipe with our Rice Drink with Cocoa, so we’re certainly giving you ideas for how to use our new products. Costa Eco Rice Drink [...]

“Light” Chocolate Custard

If you liked the quick chocolate custard we made a few weeks ago, you’ll love today’s recipe. And what’s more it’s “light”. which means just as good, but lighter. What more could you ask? Chef Orielo is to “blame” for all these recipes that lead us into the temptation of chocolate. Today he’s surprised us pleasantly with this absolutely irresistible dessert. The basis of this custard is our new Costa Eco [...]

Oat, Hazelnut and Coconut Crème Caramel

Chef Orielo's never ceases to surprise us; this time he brings us a highly original recipe for oat crème caramel with hazelnuts and coconut. We’re used to the typical egg or vanilla crème caramel made with milk. But Orielo always thinks of those who can’t or won’t have milk, so all his recipes replace dairy ingredients with other lactose-free ones. In this case, the ingredient used is Costa Eco Organic Oat [...]

Oat, Banana and Coconut Shake

Delicious and refreshing! To get us through the rest of the summer, our faithful friend and contributor Chef Orielo suggests this smoothie based on oat drink. As always, with no lactose or lactic proteins and made using natural ingredients.   Ingredients for 2 people: • 300 ml of Costa Eco Organic Oat Drink • 3 ripe bananas • 2 tablespoons of grated coconut • Sweetener or honey to taste • 12 [...]

Turrón Mousse

Round off your Christmas menu with the cherry on the cake, an almond and honey “turrón” mousse. Turrón is the typical dessert at this time of year in nearly every household. Chef Orielo's has made his own version: a surprising, delicate, exquisite dessert to finish off the meal and kick-off the after-dinner conversation. This mousse is accompanied by a chocolate syrup you can prepare yourself as it’s very quick and [...]

Stuffed Tenderloin

There are lots of recipes for stuffed tenderloin; with bacon, with cheese, with peas, mushrooms… and an endless etcetera. But this time we propose a different filling to surprise your guests this festive season. An omelette and ham filling with a delicious vegetable sauce. Chef Orielo's came up with this recipe to prepare an original, different meal this year. Make a careful note of the ingredients to make sure there’s nothing [...]

Onion Soup

Simple, humble, tasty… onion soup is all these things. A traditional dish made from fresh produce which has its origins in France. The only secret is to caramelise the onions thoroughly, until they turn an attractive brown colour. Although it is a quick, simple recipe, it can also be a delicious starter for your Christmas meal. Here you have the Orielo's recipe for onion soup. Ingredients: • 4 large onions [...]

Rice with Vegetables

A classic of using up leftovers: rice with vegetables. Using up leftovers means just that, finishing off any vegetables you have left in the fridge and making a delicious dish out of them.   Ingredients: • Garlic shoots • Leek • Artichokes • Broad beans • 1 L Costa Eco Organic Vegetable Stock • Rice • Salt   Step by step: 1. Fry the vegetables one by one. 2. Fry [...]

Chickpea Stew

Our friend Pepi Romero also took part in the “What would you do with our stocks?” promotion, presenting us with a chickpea stew. She tells us that for this recipe she sometimes uses chicken stock and sometimes vegetable stock. It works well with both. So choose whichever you like best.   Ingredients: • 1 glass of dried chickpeas • Chicken meat • Ham and ham bone • Roast ribs • [...]

Rice Broth with Chicken

Eva Martínez has sent us a rice broth to which she’s added pine kernels. What a great idea! Yes, really. With green pepper, red pepper, tomato and more. Follow this recipe step by step - maybe you could try it this weekend. Ingredients: (for 4 people) • 1 green pepper • 1 red pepper • 4 ripe tomatoes • 2 onions • 2 carrots • 4 cloves of garlic • [...]

Rice Broth with Lobster

We’re coming to the end of our “What would you do with our stocks?” promotion and we’re taking this opportunity to present the latest recipes that have come in. Today it’s the turn of Encarni, who suggests a rice broth with lobster. Can you tell the difference between a spiny lobster and a lobster? The spiny lobster is orangey-red in colour while the lobster is darker. But the most obvious [...]

Puchero Canario

Julia sends us a Puchero Canario, a stew from the Canary Islands, which we really fancy. It’s starting to get warm here in Spain, but to say goodbye to the winter in the best way we can, a Puchero Canario is just right.   Ingredients: (for 4 people) • 1 kg beef • 1/4 chicken • 1 beef bone • 125 g thick-cut bacon • 125 g chorizo • 250 g [...]

Clams with Langoustines

One more recipe please! We love the recipes you’re sending us with our Stocks! 3 days from the end of our promotion we’re still getting recipes and we’re very pleased. This time we’ve received an extremely tempting recipe. Clams with langoustines. Ready? Ingredients: • Clams • Langoustines • Fish Stock • Garlic • Parsley • Salt • Oil   Paso a paso: Steam the clams. Sauté the langoustines in a little [...]

Horchata pasties

We all know tiger nut Horchata is a refreshing drink. And that you can use it for more than drinking. But had you ever thought of making this an ingredient in your everyday meals? Today we bring you a recipe that uses new Light Tiger Nut Drink as the main ingredient of the dough for some delicious "empanadillas", or Spanish pasties. Horchata pasties are a highly original recipe to try [...]

Tiger Nut Panna Cotta

With the good weather cool desserts also go down well. Today we bring you a recipe published by our friend Sandra on her blog "Tartas sin gluten… 365 días sin gluten" (Gluten-free Cakes... Gluten-Fee 365 Days), a Panna Cotta made with new Costa light tiger nut drink. Panna Cotta, literally “cooked cream”, is a dessert that originated in the Piamonte region of Italy. It is said that at the beginning of the [...]

Valencian custard with light tiger nut drink

Crema catalana, English custard, crème brûlée and crema valenciana, among others. There are lots of custards for desert, and they're all pretty similar, though each has its own twist - but they're all delicious. Today we fancied a dessert with tiger nut Horchata and we thought of a Valencian custard with the new light tiger nut drink. As well as being delicious, this custard has it all: it contains neither [...]

Express chocolate custard

To mark World Chocolate Day on 13th September, we offer you a quick, easy and delicious recipe to celebrate this special day. Though we don’t need any excuses… every day should be chocolate day! The day was first celebrated on 7th July 2010 after the French chocolate and confectionery academy reached an agreement with the World Organization of Cocoa Producers to hold it on the same day as World Cocoa [...]

Horchata bread

The good weather’s coming and with it walks in the park, picnics... and going for a stroll with the kids. But what can we make for their afternoon snack? We suggest a sandwich, but with very special bread: horchata bread. How does that sound? Here’s the recipe so that you can make the best bread of all: mum’s bread. Ingredients:  400 g strong flour 240 ml Costa UHT Horchata 1 [...]

Home-made fartons

Nothing goes better with tiger nut milk than fartons, a type of long thin bun, ideal for dunking. Here's a recipe so you can make your own for the perfect snack. Just imagine Costa tiger nut milk with delicious fartons... Mmm! Just follow our recipe, you can't go wrong: Ingredients:  500 g strong flour 50 ml tepid water 125 g butter at room temperature 150 g sugar 3 medium eggs [...]

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