Costa horchatas are characterised by their high quality and delicious taste. They are made according to the traditional method, true to an original formula since 1897.

After selecting the best tiger nuts, we know how to make the end result an exquisite horchata of the highest quality, made with tiger nuts grown in the Valencia area, as proven by the D.O. Chufa de Valencia quality seal.

Traditional horchata, ready to drink.

No Flavourings: Costa Tiger Nut drink, unlike other horchatas, contains no flavourings of any kind. It’s true to the traditional, original horchata recipe.

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Ingredients: Water, tiger nuts, sugar, emulsifiers (E-471 and E-372c), milk protein, stabilisers (E-331iii, E-460 and E-466). May contain lactose.

Valor energético:329 kJ /
78 kcal
2,5 g
De las cuales saturadas:
0,7 g
Hidratos de carbono:14 g
De los cuales azúcares:12 g
Fibra alimentaria:0 g
Proteínas:0,6 g
Sal:0,12 g

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