Quinoa: the great Andean!

Originally from the shores of Lake Titicaca, quinoa was one of the principal foods of the Andean peoples due to its high nutrition and protein value, as well as being well-adapted to the environmental conditions of the Andes. Because of all this, the Incas gave it the Quechua name “chisiya mama”, which means “great mother”. (Source: www.fao.org)

Aware of the richness of this food, we’ve made a delicious drink that combines the properties of rice with this useful, nutritious grain, quinoa.

Naturally lactose-free, gluten free and low in fat, the new Costa Eco rice drink with quinoa will surprise you with its smoothness and pleasant sweet flavour. It’s perfect for all the family at breakfast time, as a snack or at any time of day as an alternative to fruit juice, shakes or milk-based drinks. You can also make some delicious recipes such as ice creams, tarts, sauces and more – its taste will amaze you!

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Costa Eco recommends a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Source of calcium: calcium is necessary to keep your bones and teeth in good condition.

No added sugars: we haven’t added sugar of any kind to this drink. CONTAINS THE SUGARS NATURALLY PRESENT IN IT.