Irresistibly good

200 ml format

With this new 200 ml pack with a straw, you can now take your favourite drink wherever you like.

Just like with the litre format, it has all the flavour of cocoa and contains no lactose, gluten or sugar (it’s sweetened with agave syrup). It’s also low in saturated fats – we’re well aware that a lower intake of saturated fats helps to keep cholesterol levels in your blood normal.

A drink based on delicious organically-grown rice and the purest cocoa, now for you to drink wherever and whenever you like with this handy pack with a straw.

What’s more, you can find a children’s version of this pack, featuring an attractive, original design aimed at the smallest members of the family.


UTZ Cocoa: UTZ is a program and label for sustainable arming worldwide. UTZ certified farmers grow their cocoa with respect for people and the planet, and for the environment, in harmony with nature.