With 17% rice and no added sugars

Our Organic Rice Drink will surprise you with its exquisite taste and its delicate texture. It’s an excellent alternative to milk, not just for people who are lactose-intolerant but for anybody who wants to add a high-quality plant-based drink to their diet.
You can have it for breakfast with your cereals, or to put in your coffee. You can enjoy it as a light snack at any time of day.
Costa Eco Organic Rice Drink is an ideal ingredient for your recipes. With its excellent flavour it’ll bring out the best in any dish, or accompany recipes of all kinds.
And if you fancy trying some new flavours, you simply have to sample our Rice with Banana and Strawberry and Rice with Cocoa drinks.

No added sugars: We haven’t added sugar of any kind to this drink. CONTAINS NATURALLY OCCURRING SUGARS.

Low fat: A product can be described as being low fat if it contains no more than 1,5 g of fat per 100 ml of product.