A flavour explosion!

For cocoa lovers. A drink based on delicious organically-grown rice and the purest cocoa. Start the day in the best possible way, with a glass of Costa Eco Rice Drink with Cocoa.

It has all the flavour of cocoa and contains no lactose, gluten or sugar (it’s sweetened with agave syrup). It also has a low saturated fat content. Consuming less saturated fats helps to keep normal levels of blood cholesterol.

You already know a nice glass of Costa Eco Rice Drink with Cocoa will cheer up your breakfasts and snacks. You can also use it in all kinds of sweet recipes (ice creams, healthy shakes, smoothies, cakes and more).

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UTZ Cocoa: UTZ is a program and label for sustainable arming worldwide. UTZ certified farmers grow their cocoa with respect for people and the planet, and for the environment, in harmony with nature.

Low saturated fat: The total of saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids in the product is less than 0,75 per 100 ml.