An irresistible combination

We like surprising you with new drinks that, as well as being delicious, are natural and refreshing. That’s why we present our new Rice Drink with Banana and Strawberry so that you can enjoy a unique combination of cereals and fruit.
Like all the other Costa Eco plant-based drinks, this one is a perfect alternative for everybody who can’t or doesn’t want to have cow’s milk. As well as the best way to try new flavours in plant-based drinks.
It’s sweetened with agave syrup and contains no lactose. The whole family will enjoy the authentic banana and strawberry taste that we all love so much.
You can use it to make a different breakfast. It can go with your cereals, mixed with shakes, for desserts and truly original recipes. And above all you can enjoy a nice glass of our unique Rice Drink with Banana and Strawberry.
Try our new Costa Eco Rice Drink with Cocoa too! The taste will amaze you.

Low fat: A product can be described as being low fat if it contains no more than 1,5 g of fat per 100 ml of product.