Helps to reduce cholesterol!

Did you know that a high cholesterol content in your blood is a risk factor for developing coronary cardiopathies? This is why we need to look after our health and make healthy habits* part of our daily routine. Habits as simple as doing some sport, walking for a while every day, exercising your mind, enjoying your spare time… and of course, looking after your health with a balanced diet.

A diet you can supplement with new Costa Oat Drink with Beta-Glucans. Oat beta-glucans have been proven to reduce blood cholesterol. An intake of 3 g of beta-glucans a day will help to achieve this reducing effect. Always, of course, in combination with a varied, balanced diet.

1 glass of Costa Oat Drink with Beta-Glucans gives you 1 g of beta-glucans.

But do you know what beta-glucans are?

A beta-glucan is a type of soluble dietary fibre that offers various health benefits and is to be found in oat bran; in fact, it is the main component of the fibre in some cereals such as oats.

*Read this interesting article by the Spanish Heart Foundation which proposes 5 habits for a healthy heart for 2018.

*Oat beta-glucan: help to mantain normal blood cholesterol levels. The recommended intake of beta-glucans, from oat bran, for optimum benefits is 3 g a day.

A 200 ml serving contains 1 g of beta-glucans.