Lighter recipes

With Cuisine Rice Costa Eco your dishes will be smoother, lighter and creamier—without having to add milk-cream. It is a vegetable-based cooking sauce made mainly of organically-grown rice that can be used in any recipe, whether sweet or salty—cream of vegetable soups, risottos, sauces, soups…even pastries!

Don't limit your imagination, just use Cuisine Rice Costa Eco. You'll be surprised by its pleasant taste and delicate texture.

It is naturally lactose and gluten free and has a low salt content. Plus, it's a source of fibre.

Cuisine Arroz Costa Eco is sold in small and convenient 200 ml cartons.


Source of Fibre:  A product is a source of fibre when it contains at least 1,5 g of fibre per 100 kcal.