Chef Orielo has sent us his first recipe…  He’s made us a rice pudding, but without milk. That’s right, without milk.  As you know, all the Chef’s recipes are lactose-free.  This time he’s used Organic Oat Drink. The result is at least as good, as the oats give this recipe a creamier texture.

Rice pudding is a traditional dessert made in many cultures. It’s very easy to prepare and the result is delicious. And you can add cinnamon, vanilla, lemon, raisins or whatever to suit your taste.

Here’s the recipe and also the video version. Let us know how it comes out and, if you feel like it, send us photos to post on our Facebook page.



-200 g round-grain rice

-125 g sugar

-1 L Costa Eco Organic Oat Drink

-2 cinnamon sticks

-1 vanilla pod

-Lemon peel

-1 tablespoon of vegetable-based margarine

-1 pinch of salt


Step by step:

1. Put the rice in a colander and run some water through it to get rid of the starch, until the water comes out clear.
2. Heat a litre of oat drink in a saucepan together with the cinnamon sticks, the lemon peel and the vanilla pod, the latter opened up and scraped out. Add a pinch of salt.
3. When it comes to the boil add the rice and leave it to simmer over a low heat for 15 minutes, stirring constantly to stop the rice sticking.
4. After 15 minutes add the sugar and mix well to work it in.
5. Also add a tablespoon of margarine to make it creamier (this is optional). Carry on stirring while simmering for another 10 or 15 minutes.
6. When the rice has soaked up nearly all the oat drink (some liquid should be left), take it off the heat and let it cool at room temperature.
7. Remove the lemon peel, cinnamon and vanilla and chill for a couple of hours.
8. Serve well chilled with cinnamon sprinkled over it.