Horchata pasties

We all know tiger nut Horchata is a refreshing drink. And that you can use it for more than drinking. But had you ever thought of making this an ingredient in your everyday meals? Today we bring you a recipe […]

Valencian custard with light tiger nut drink

Crema catalana, English custard, crème brûlée and crema valenciana, among others. There are lots of custards for desert, and they’re all pretty similar, though each has its own twist – but they’re all delicious. Today we fancied a dessert with […]

Express chocolate custard

To mark World Chocolate Day on 13th September, we offer you a quick, easy and delicious recipe to celebrate this special day. Though we don’t need any excuses… every day should be chocolate day!

The day was first celebrated on 7th […]

Horchata bread

The good weather’s coming and with it walks in the park, picnics… and going for a stroll with the kids. But what can we make for their afternoon snack? We suggest a sandwich, but with very special bread: horchata bread. […]

Home-made fartons

Nothing goes better with tiger nut milk than fartons, a type of long thin bun, ideal for dunking. Here’s a recipe so you can make your own for the perfect snack. Just imagine Costa tiger nut milk with delicious fartons[…]

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