Turrón Mousse

Round off your Christmas menu with the cherry on the cake, an almond and honey “turrón” mousse. Turrón is the typical dessert at this time of year in nearly every household. Chef Orielo’s has made his own version: […]

Stuffed Tenderloin

There are lots of recipes for stuffed tenderloin; with bacon, with cheese, with peas, mushrooms… and an endless etcetera. But this time we propose a different filling to surprise your guests this festive season. An omelette and ham filling with […]

Onion Soup

Simple, humble, tasty… onion soup is all these things. A traditional dish made from fresh produce which has its origins in France. The only secret is to caramelise the onions thoroughly, until they turn an attractive brown colour.

Although it is […]

Rice with Vegetables

A classic of using up leftovers: rice with vegetables.

Using up leftovers means just that, finishing off any vegetables you have left in the fridge and making a delicious dish out of them.



• Garlic shoots
• Leek
• Artichokes
• Broad beans
• 1 L […]

Chickpea Stew

Our friend Pepi Romero also took part in the “What would you do with our stocks?” promotion, presenting us with a chickpea stew. She tells us that for this recipe she sometimes uses chicken stock and sometimes vegetable stock. It […]

Rice Broth with Chicken

Eva Martínez has sent us a rice broth to which she’s added pine kernels. What a great idea! Yes, really. With green pepper, red pepper, tomato and more. Follow this recipe step by step – maybe you could try it […]

Rice Broth with Lobster

We’re coming to the end of our “What would you do with our stocks?” promotion and we’re taking this opportunity to present the latest recipes that have come in. Today it’s the turn of Encarni, who suggests a rice broth […]

Puchero Canario

Julia sends us a Puchero Canario, a stew from the Canary Islands, which we really fancy. It’s starting to get warm here in Spain, but to say goodbye to the winter in the best way we can, a Puchero Canario is […]

Clams with Langoustines

One more recipe please! We love the recipes you’re sending us with our Stocks! 3 days from the end of our promotion we’re still getting recipes and we’re very pleased. This time we’ve received an extremely tempting recipe. Clams with langoustines. […]

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