Oat Rice Pudding

Chef Orielo has sent us his first recipe…  He’s made us a rice pudding, but without milk. That’s right, without milk.  As you know, all the Chef’s recipes are lactose-free.  This time he’s used Organic Oat Drink. The result is […]


Here’s a new recipe from Chef Orielo, ideal for this time of year, when the heat is beginning to make itself felt and you fancy cold dishes, salads and the like.

Juanjo, Chef Orielo, surprises us with a light, fresh and […]

Chocolate Pancakes

The weekend is nearly here, and we suggest that you try making some pancakes for breakfast. Mmm… but not ordinary pancakes, no… chocolate ones. Finish off, buy or use our new Rice Drink with Cocoa and you’ll see how delicious […]

“Light” Chocolate Custard

If you liked the quick chocolate custard we made a few weeks ago, you’ll love today’s recipe. And what’s more it’s “light”. which means just as good, but lighter. What more could you ask?

Chef Orielo is to “blame” for all […]

Oat, Banana and Coconut Shake

Delicious and refreshing!

To get us through the rest of the summer, our faithful friend and contributor Chef Orielo suggests this smoothie based on oat drink. As always, with no lactose or lactic proteins and made using natural ingredients.


Ingredients for 2 people:


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