Falles are coming!

As tradition dictates, once again we will be celebrating the eagerly-awaited Falles, the famous Valencia fire fiesta. From 15th to 19th March we’ll be out celebrating the Fiestas Josefinas in honour of Saint Joseph, which start with the despertá, where all the neighbours are woken up by people throwing noisy fireworks with names like Tró de Bac, or masclets.

We’re so keen on the Falles that every year for the last five years we’ve teamed up with two big Falla groups, Duque de Gaeta and Malilla Isla Cabrera to celebrate the eagerly-awaited Falles with them because we like the way they do things, their activities and their party spirit, their sense of fun and their local nature.

With both these Falla groups you’ll find the perfect place to cool off from the fiesta.

Thursday 17th March
Falla Duque de Gaeta: children’s afternoon snack with Costa Horchata.

Friday 18th March
Falla Malilla Isla Cabrera:
6.00pm Horchata and fartons (traditional sweet sponge fingers from Alboraya). Afternoon snack for everybody. A snack provided by Costa Horchata.

Saturday 19th March
Falla Malilla Isla Cabrera: 6.00pm Fancy dress competition, any theme; to make entries more original they can include a choreography. The most original fancy dress will win a basket of our best Horchatas.